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Spiritual Guidance for every day.  

Whether you are new to your spiritual journey or not, there are times in our lives that can leave us feeling lost and in need of guidance. Working with your energy I will help you through your emotional journey, leaving you focused and aware of how to move forward. 

 £60 - Sixty-minute session 

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 Learn how to work with Numerology

Numerology is the study of the meanings of numbers and their relevance to our lives. Which can be used to develop a deeper understanding of yourself. It can show your strengths and weaknesses, obstacles you need to overcome, your talents, inner needs and emotional reactions. 

  • This session will help you tune into the numbers that your Angels are sharing with you each day. 
  • Signs are everywhere – learning and understanding the wisdom in these.
  • How you can read the guidance and implement this daily to enhance your life. 

£60 - One-hour session

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Learn how to work with your Angels

Everyone has Guides and Angels. In fact, the more you work with your Angels, the more often you will attract Angelic helpers. 

  • How to work with your Angels. 
  • How to understand your Angel guidance and higher self-consciousness
  • Understanding your golden path.

£100 - One-hour session

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 Learn how to Meditate

Just like brushing your teeth, meditation is a cleansing process essential to your daily life. The positive effects of meditation have been scientifically proven to have positive benefits. This will help you cope with stress, increase self-awareness and feel more connected to your higher self.

  • I will give you a simple routine to follow, whether you are on the go or at home. 
  • Help you understand how to make time in your busy schedule. 
  • Meditate comfortably.
  • How to create a sacred space.
  • Chakra meditation tailored to your needs.

£40 - One-hour session

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Chakra Reading 

By tuning into your energy, working with your higher-self and chakras, I will provide you with the most outstanding guidance from your angels using four chakra cards and one gateway card. This powerful reading that will help show you what you need to work on. 

  • Four chakra cards - these will show you which chakras need work and what work you need to do. 
  • Gateway cards – I will pull one card for you to utilise the message for your highest good.

£120 - one hour session 

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 Cleansing Energy/Aura/Cutting Cords

If you are looking to set a new goal or create a positive new habit, you need energy and emotional space. Sometimes it is hard to move forward, by cleansing your energy, aura and cutting the energetic cords, we will dig deep into any emotional blocks that are holding you back and guide you to free yourself and release everything that does not serve you.

  • Clear emotional blocks.
  • Cut the energetic cords that tie us to old, low frequency (business & personal) relationships.
  • Create a clear space to move forward.

£80 – One-hour session

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 Manifesting your Career.

Whatever your current situation, if you feel stuck, unhappy in your work environment or feel there is more to life. Feelings like these can leave you lost and vulnerable to focus on creating and manifesting your goals. I will guide you on a life changing journey to manifest the career that you will love and thrive in.

  • Work with your energy and guides to create a clear and concise vision.
  • Clear negative energy and emotional blocks.
  • Create a clear vision of your goal.
  • Manifest the job of your dreams.

£120 – One-hour call session and three assignments, one follow up 45 catch up coaching call.  

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 Relationship Coaching

When a relationship is in the process of ending or once it is over you feel deep pain and drama. It can be hard to stop obsessing about what happened, going over and over conversations and the situations that have occurred. Working with your energy I will help you heal deeply and move forward with love in your life again. 

  • Work to heal your energy and cut cords.
  • Heal and let go of past and present hurt.
  • Let go of unwanted friendships/partnerships that are holding you back.
  • Twin Flame guidance. 
  • Create the space to move forward to better more positive relationships.
  • Remove residual pain and drama

 £120 – One-hour session

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 Chakra Assessment & Re-Balance

Every day we are consuming energy, some of it is good and useful to you, and some of it is most probably consumed in your energy field, which is possibly creating blocks not making you feel that great.

  • Tuning in to your energy I will work with your Angels, higher-self and chakras to provide you with guidance to unblock and re balance your chakras.
  • Chakra cards - I will pull seven cards breaking down each card for you to understand and utilise the individual reading and message.
  • Gateway cards – I will pull one card for you to utilise the message for your highest good.
  • Help you understand the imbalance and teach you how to maintain you Chakras daily. 
  • Chakra Meditations for you to use after our session to heal your chakras that need work. 
  • How to understand and work your energies in your daily life through sound vibration.

£250 - Three-hour session

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