Essential Mind, Body & Spirit introduces you to aromatherapy products that are designed to support and benefit every emotional aspect of your life. We want to take you on a journey of discovery that explains the power of essential oils and informs how they can support and enhance your energy levels so you can be your best for everyday life. 

Be Balanced

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We are here to support you on your spiritual journey, to help assist in areas where you may be blocked, preventing you to move forward in all areas in your life.

Your energy needs to be cleansed daily. Every day we consume energy, some of it good and useful to you, and some of it is consumed in your energy field, which can create create blocks not making you feel great. 

Essential Mind Body & Spirit has many tools and products that can help you on your journey so you don’t get bogged down or held back in moving forward.

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Essential Mind Body Spirit

Tailored Products for a Balanced Life

Essential Mind Body & Spirit

Tailored Products for a Balanced Life

Essential Mind Body Spirit

Tailored Products for a Balanced Life


Passion Lotion

I was taking care of my mother during her last days at home, she was suffering heart failure. I was exhausted beyond words, and my heart felt broken. My heart physically hurt. I had a sense that I could have transitioned with my mom. 

Late one evening I was drawn to to applying the heart chakra lotion (Passion Lotion) on my chest. 

I slept for two hours and when I woke up my extreme pain was gone. I kept on using the Passion Lotion, I had so much healing to do.

I know without  a doubt that using the Passion lotion helped me through my deep sorrow. 

Jamie Stevens - USA

Grounding Lotion

I cannot live without these incredible magical creations! 

The Grounding has helped me focus and bring my mind back to center! I use it whenever I feel scattered or lost!

I especially see huge benefits when I use it on the soles of my feet before a walk in the park!

WOW! Really Amazing! I am so grateful to be able to use these every day! 

Samia Khan - London

Expression Wash 

I was feeling blocked to speak my truth, getting constant sore throats, feeling anxious and fearful, my friend recommended I try this wash & lotion.

I have been using it every day and  feel like I have found my voice again and my anxiety and tension in my throat has dissipated. 

Thank you! 

Jack Durndale

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