About Us

Tailored Products, Balanced Life

Essential M.B.S introduces you to aromatherapy products that are designed to support and benefit every emotional aspect of your life. We want to take you on a journey of discovery that explains the power of essential oils and informs how they can support and enhance your energy levels so you can be your best for everyday life. 


Why seven types of each product?

The range of 7 for each product relates to the seven energy centres across the body (known as chakras). Modern life is tough and diverse, which can affect us energetically. The essential oil blends in our products aim to balance energetic fluctuations in these energy centres. Products that have a purpose to help you in every way to support your energy in almost every area of your life. 


How our products benefit you?

The essential oils and the 7 energetic blends we use have been carefully formulated to support each energy centre within the human body. In the same way that citrus is uplifting and lavender is calming, our essential oil blends probe the plethora of these effects and benefits in intricate detail.


Integrity matters.

The chain of integrity and ethics has for too long been an irrelevance in the cosmetics industry. Large organisations have made billions producing products that are packed with harmful ingredients and have been used on animals for testing. Many of these products have blinded customers with glossy packaging and powerful fragrances, yet have contributed to various sorts of conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.


Smarter people, better products.

People are increasingly becoming more conscious of the integrity of what they use externally on their bodies. Optimal mind body and spirit is becoming more important to people in how they deal with their day-to-day lives. People have become smarter and seek to make better lifestyle decisions with the products they use to enhance their health and well being. Product integrity is now just as important as product impact and for many is more important than product style. The World is finally waking up to understand the extent that we have been using food and products that have been harming us for years.